Canon 80D DSLR Buying Guide

If you are into digital photography and would like to take still photos and videos, choosing the right camera can be overwhelming. There are many cameras out there and if you are fairly new in the photography scene, there can be an endless supply of information. Where should you begin? Don’t fret as we’re going to take a look at one popular digital camera that may be the best camera for you.

Canon EOS 80D Camera Photo

The Canon 80D is a great mid-range camera for those who are looking for a quality camera that can shoot both still photography and video but at a reasonable price. In fact, many would argue that this camera has a great price point for what it has to offer.

Now, this camera was first introduced by Canon back in 2016, so it is relatively old. However, many photographers agree that this camera is still very relevant even up till today in 2018. The camera body is known for being fairly lightweight despite its larger design and is known for its great ergonomics. It is nice to hold on to and had a great shape and body and it’s not bulky at all. The lightweight design can go a long way especially when you start attaching other accessories such as the lenses and a microphone when recording video.

The Canon 80D is known for its superb image quality. Many photographers and videographers have commented on how it’s able to capture natural colors without the need for color grading. The camera also is able to shoot continuously at 7fps with a maximum 24.2 megapixel quality at full HD. It also has a flip screen that allows you to view pictures from different angles. It is also touchscreen as well making menu navigation easy.

One drawback that the camera has is that it doesn’t have the capability of 4K Video Capture. This means you can only capture up to full 1080p HD video. However, this is not a big deal because unless you are looking to shoot a high-end video, in most cases, 1080p is great quality already. Most mobile devices cannot read 1080p.

While there are other cameras available in the market within this price range, this camera continues to be one of our top picks. If you are digital photography enthusiast or a professional looking to do some lightweight photography, then this camera is definitely for you.

Canon 80D bundle

Make sure to check the Canon 80D bundle price before you buy to miss on good savings. You get a ton of value with camera bundles as they have many useful accessories.