Cheapest GoPro Camera Available in 2018

The computer and technology segments latest must-have accessory as well as the hottest tiny cameras in the entire action camera category is definitely the GoPro camera. The best action camera obviously isn’t cheap. But we have rounded up the best GoPro cameras which are currently available at the most affordable prices for you to consider and to get the best bargain possible. This tiny camera does give a big bang for the buck.

GoPro Deals

gopro deals

GoPro cameras are expensive and to save money it’s important to find cheap GoPro deals available online.

GoPro Hero

GoPro Hero, version 2018 is the cheapest touchscreen Hero in the market. Looks very similar to the numbered Hero models. You won’t get a 4K capture option in this but you still get display and touchscreen. Do check before ordering that you do not get the older GoPro Hero by mistake which is more expensive and come with a round, red light on the front. And are not as good as the new 2018 version.

GoPro Hero Session

GoPro Hero Session is the cheapest entry-level camera available in the GoPro segment. Moreover, it has replaced the very similar GoPro Hero 4 Session. Also considerably cheaper than the GoPro Hero 5 Session. It is small, compact, tough, water resistant and with a good battery life.

GoPro Hero4 Black

Great buy in this segment with advanced features will see a further price drop due to arrivals of newer Hero5 and Hero6 models. Do compare prices of all three models to get the best pick. GoPro Hero4 Black offers great image quality, plus 2x more powerful processor which delivers super slow motion at 240 frames per second. High-resolution video quality and slow motion feature to enable amazing footage.

GoPro Hero5 Session

This minimalistic designed camera is capable of 4X action. It is not only a major specification booster but also most economical in this segment. It shoots stabilized 4K videos and has an interesting array of view modes.

GoPro Hero5 Black

Best-selling option in the GoPro segment is definitely GoPro Hero5. It comes with a resilient waterproof design. With great picture quality and its unique feature is definitely the video stabilizer and touchscreen.

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