Sony A6000 buying tips to save money

Sony released its updated version of NEX-6, A6000, at a time of a cut-throat competition with Olympus, Panasonic and Fujifilm introducing cameras into the dense market. The mirror-less camera enjoyed great success in the market costing $649, which has dropped only a $100 even after roughly 5 years! Now if you’re like me who avoids paying the extra cash when something is realized and instead waits for the price to drop after some time, you well-understand the struggle of getting up-to-date technology in less. The Sony a6000 was something I could not sit around for. That urge led me to research on how to get the same new product with the cut-down price. That’s when I discovered refurbished cameras.

Refurbished products are basically items that have been taken out of their packaging and returned unpacked to the company. Usually, they are returned if it was used as a demo piece, had a small defect or the packaging was impaired. The company later resells the products at a discounted price, which is usually 20% when it comes to the camera.

A refurbished Sony a6000 will not cost you more than $400, which is almost $100 less! There’s no compromise in quality when it comes to Sony, even in their refurbished products. They are as new as they can be! Most products returned to the manufacturer are in immaculate condition, with little to no usage. Even then the product has to go through extensive inspection where strict quality assurance is followed. They might have a small blemish (A tiny scratch here and there) but is it really worth missing out on the low price for such a great deal?

From new to used cameras, the Sony a6000 refurbished is definitely the right way to go where you get a certified, a good as new product while saving $100!

You should also consider buying the Sony A6000 bundle to save money on accessories and lenses.